Mud Play

Mud splatters

Things you'll need for this activity

  • A patch of dirt

  • Water

  • Bucket and spade

  • Sticks, leaves, stones and other found items from outside

  • Paper

  • Gumboots & old clothes that are ok to get dirty

What you'll learn in this activity 

Ages 2+

A great sensory activity which promotes fine motor skill development, connecting with nature and having fun! Kids will love this activity.


Let's play!

  1. Dig a hole (somewhere you don't mind making a muddy spot)
  2. Pour in some water
  3. Mix water into the dirt and play
  4. Children can make: mud slime, mud pies, mud sculptures, mud paintings

mudplay 2.JPG

Talking together

What does the mud feel like? You can support your child to describe the experience with new words like squishy, slimey, squelch, gooey.

Depending on space, you could build things, make roads, make prints in the mud.


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