School crossings

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School crossings operate across the Yarra Ranges to help our community navigate their neighbourhoods safely.

Hours of operation for school crossings are within school zone times during the Victorian school term. Crossings will typically operate from 8am-9.30am and 2.30pm-4pm.

The Role of School Crossing Supervisors

Crossing Supervisors are there to assist children cross the road in safety on their way to and from school. Children may not understand traffic laws or be aware of their surroundings, and small children may not be readily visible to drivers. In Yarra Ranges, we have over 100 school crossings where our supervisors attend to help kids cross the road safely.

Safety in School Zones

Due to an increase in traffic at drop off and pick up times, both traffic and parking issues can pose a risk to the safety of children. Educating kids and encouraging safe driving behaviour can help improve safety in the school zone.

Tips for Kids & Carers:

  • Model safe behaviour. School crossings are the safest place to cross the road.
  • Reinforce a positive crossing procedure: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK
  • Where possible, children should exit from the rear of the vehicle, kerbside door.

Tips for Drivers:

  • Always observe the parking signs around the school
  • Never park illegally in or blocking a driveway
  • Never park illegally near or on a school crossing
  • Never double park or wait on the road
  • Do not allow children to enter or exit a vehicle that is double parked

Parking Signs and What They Mean

No parking signs

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If there is a 'no parking' sign, you can stop for 2 minutes in that area:

  • if you are picking up or dropping off passengers or goods
  • you stay within 3 metres of your vehicle.

If you stop in, or partly in, an area showing a no parking sign and you are not picking up or dropping off passengers or goods, you are considered to be parked and can be fined. This is the case even if you stay with your vehicle.

No stopping signs

If there is a 'no stopping' sign, you are not allowed to stop or park your car in, or partly in, that area for any reason, including dropping off or picking up passengers

Bus Zone

A driver must not stop on a bus stop, or within 20m before the bus stop sign and within 10m after the sign.

School Zone Speed Limits

All school speed limits across the State are clearly signposted. Look out for the speed signs near schools and slow down to improve safety for children.

Children Crossing

When the flags are displayed at a children’s crossing, you must stop for pedestrians who are waiting to cross or who have started crossing.

You must remain stopped until the crossing is clear. These rules apply even if there is no crossing supervisor.

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