We're going on a bird hunt


Things you'll need for this activity

  • Internet or bird books
  • Pencils or textas
  • Paper
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Sticky tape
  • Any 'dress-up' items

What you'll learn in this activity 

Ages Appropriate for ages 4+

Purpose Encourage creativity through imaginary play, develop focus and attention through careful looking and listening, and learn about the wildlife where you live

Let's play!

Follow these quick and easy steps to begin your bird hunt.

  1. Have a look on the internet or in wildlife books for some common birds found in Melbourne or Yarra Ranges.
  2. Draw pictures of your favourite ones, or print off their photos if you prefer.
  3. Get your explorer outfit and equipment ready – this could include a towel cape, toilet roll binoculars or a colander helmet.
  4. Begin the search! Take your pictures or photos with you outside and mark off or count what you see.


Talking together


  • Where do you think that bird might sleep?
  • What do you think it eats?
  • What other noises can you hear outside?
  • What colours can you see?
  • What do you think the birds are saying?


Take photos or draw those that weren’t on your list, include in your hunt some plants or other animals such as insects or do some further research on what you see.

The Birdlife Australia ‘Birdata’ webpage is a great resource on common species in different regions, including photos, visit https://birdata.birdlife.org.au/

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