Burning off

Burning logs

When can I burn off?

Outside of Fire Danger Periods, burning off restrictions will differ depending on what category your property is in.

Yarra Ranges Council is currently outside of the Fire Danger Period. Community members need to check their local restrictions to see if they can burn off.

Enter your address to find your burning off category

Once you have found your burning off category, click on the relevant category below to find out when and how you can burn off.

Alternative methods of fuel reduction

Council recommends that open air burning is the last resort for fuel reduction. Click here to explore alternative methods.

Through July and August, Council is running a storm branch collection, giving community members the chance to dispose of debris from the storm.

Click here to find out more about the collection.

Do not burn off wet vegetation or branches, as this can generate excess smoke which impacts neighbours.

Burning off categories

Outside of the Fire Danger Period, your burning off category will affect when and how you can burn off. Not sure what category is relevant to your property? Find your category online.

Urban category

Burning off is not permitted in the urban category. 

What is allowed

  •  Fire pits and chimineas are permitted at any time, provided they do not cause offensive smoke

Things to be aware of 

  • You must not, without a permit, light a fire in a public place
  • You must not, without a permit, engage in open air burning or use an incinerator
  • Permits will not be issued during the CFA Declared Fire Danger Period or on days of Total Fire Ban
  • Permits are only issued in exceptional circumstances and contain strict conditions

Download the Urban factsheet(PDF, 286KB)

Bushland category

Burning off is not permitted in June or July.

Rural category

Burning off is allowed on any day of the week.

Before burning off you must register the burn with ESTA (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority)

Register your burn off

Things to be aware of 

  • Only burn for fuel reduction and biosecurity purposes 
  • Wind speed must be less than 19km/hr
  • You must supervise the burn at all times, have water available and ensure it is extinguished before you leave
  • Smoke must not be offensive or create a traffic hazard
  • The fuel must not be offensive or noxious
  • You must have three metre clearance above and around the fire
  • Please advise your neighbours before burning off
  • You must not, without a permit, light a fire in a public place
  • The burn must be registered with ESTA (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority)

If you would like further information, you can find out more in the Yarra Ranges Open Air Burning Local Law.

Download the Rural factsheet(PDF, 292KB)

Apply to have your category reviewed

If you think your property has been incorrectly categorised you can apply to have it reviewed. Apply for a category review.

Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law

Failure to following the burning off restrictions can result in penalties and offences under the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law.

For more information view Section 27 Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law.