Healesville Structure Plan

The Healesville Structure Plan(PDF, 9MB) will guide the future growth and development of Healesville.

The plan adopted by Council on 9 August 2016 focuses on:

  • strengthening the role of the town centre
  • identifying public improvements
  • making recommendations on key redevelopment sites
  • extending pedestrian networks
  • building on Healesville's tourism appeal and environmental features


The 2017 progress report(PDF, 618KB) about implementing Structure Plan actions was noted by Council on 28 November 2017 and the 2019 progress report(DOCX, 83KB) was noted by Council on 23 July 2019.

Amendment C163 (Part 1) implements a number of actions from the stucture plan including:

  • Introducing a Local Planning Policy for the Healesville district
  • Rezoning some land from Commercial 2 Zone to Commercial 1 Zone
  • Applying an Environmental Audit Overlay to some land which is potentially contaminated
  • Rezoning a small parcel of land adjacent to the Hunter Road industrial area from Public Use Zone (PUZ4) to Industrial 1 Zone
  • Rezoning some land in public ownership in the Healesville district to correctly reflect its current use/s.

The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C163 (Part 1) on 20 June 2019. 

More information

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