Managing Transitions

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Its helpful to remember that any change can impact our children and the thing we often notice first is their behaviour. This may be especially important at the moment as we begin to step out of the stages of social isolation. *This is true for parents also 

A Warm & Gentle Approach .. 

For: Parents/Carers

Purpose: Using a ‘warm & gentle’ approach is a simple parenting strategy that reminds us of the positives of maintaining a calm and supportive environment. It is particularly useful when dealing with change - as children can react to changed circumstances and feelings of uncertainty with challenging behaviours. They are more likely to hear our message and work through their feelings when they feel heard and supported

Let's try!

  1. Smile.

  2. Use a soft voice.

  3. Get close     * more effective than calling out from another room!

  4. Random hugs.

  5. Stop & Think – what do we need at this time?

  6. Aim to stay calm.


Let's talk

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