Everyone Is Wearing Masks


Things you'll need for this activity

Read the social story below with your child ‘Everybody is wearing masks’

What is the learning in this activity?

Ages: 2-12

Purpose: Providing reassurance and understanding to children on the changes they  are seeing within their community and family.

Let's read!

Today my mummy put her mask on, it made me laugh. My mummy looked funny . I couldn’t see her nose or mouth.

I asked my mummy why she was wearing a mask. My mummy said “Everyone in our community is working hard to stop that sneaky coronavirus bug,  when adults and big kids go out they are all going to wear a mask so that bug doesn’t spread to other people.”

When you go out, you will see lots of people with masks on. You might see many different types of coloured or patterned masks  All of these people are working together to stop that bug… what a team!

Masks are a great idea to help stop the bug. Little kids don’t have to wear a mask, but sometimes I might want to wear one too.


Let's talk

Qs - Did you know that children under the age of 12 do not have to wear a face mask?

Extension - How do you feel about seeing people in face masks? Look at the face masks people are wearing, if you like their mask you can tell them.

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