Bundled Branch Collection

Enter your address to find your collection date. Please place your branches out for collection by the Sunday before your collection date.

What can I put out for collection?

To ensure your bundled branches are collected, your collection must be:

  • No larger than 3 cubic metres
  • No more than 20 bundles of branches
  • Each individual bundle, tree limb or log is no larger than 1.5m long and 200mm wide
  • Tree limbs are between 75mm and 200mm wide
  • Logs are straight and clean with side branches removed
  • Branches are tied with non-plastic string. Maximum 1.5m long

What is not accepted?

Council will not collect your items if they are:

  • Hard waste
  • Timber, stumps or roots
  • Soil or earth
  • Untied branches, loose garden organic material in boxes, bags, containers or bins
  • Branches containing wire or nails
  • Bamboo, creepers, vines, palm trees, soft plants, rose bushes, thorny plants, weeds, grass clippings or leaves.
  • Tree limbs larger than 200mm diameter or 1.5m long
  • Tree limbs with side branches

Report a missed collection

If your bundled branch collection is missed, contact us within one week of your scheduled collection date.

If you have received a knockback notice the material presented is likely to have not met the criteria of this service. Please arrange alternative disposal.

Due to the one-off scheduled nature of this service, the trucks have already moved to other areas and won’t be able to return if the waste materials were not presented correctly during your scheduled week of collection.

Report a missed collection