Scavenger hunt

Little boy

What you'll need

  • Pen / textas

  • Paper

  • Camera (optional)

What is the learning in this activity?

Ages: 3 years +

Purpose: Scavenger hunts are a fun way for children to practice problem-solving while also providing good exercise for their growing bodies.


Let's play

Create a list of items for the child/ren to find. The older the child the more creative you can be. Some examples might include: 

  • Your favourite book
  • A flower
  • The number 100

You might choose to write the list out with words, or use/include pictures for younger children or those who will benefit for a visual cue.

2. Children can then go on the scavenger hunt. They can tick off the list, collect each item or take a photo to show they’ve found it! 

Scavenger hunt

Let's talk 

Qs - What are some other items we can add to our scavenger hunt list?  What does the word scavenger mean? What other words might we use for this activity? Where might you find a…? Why would you look for it there?

Extension - Ask your child to create a scavenger hunt for you or for their siblings. Think about how to adapt a hunt to your child’s interests or a particular theme.. such as Spring time, Autumn, their favourite colour, or things starting with a particular letter of the alphabet.


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