Puddle Jumping


Things you'll need for this activity

  • Puddles         

  • Raincoat/wet weather clothing

  • Gumboots

What is the learning in this activity?

Ages: 0-5


Playing outside and noticing changes in the environment helps children to develop observation skills and spatial awareness. 

As your child explores the size of the puddle and whether they can jump to the other side they are exploring space and distance, while also learning how to move their bodies by jumping, stomping and balancing.

Let's play!

The weather has changed and winter has arrived. Often when this happens and the rain rolls in it is hard to find things to do outside to keep your child busy and active. Rain puddles are just made for jumping. You could even try jumping over puddles with your child.After the rain has finally stopped (or even during the rain!) and you can go outside, see how many different puddles you and your child can find. There will be both big and little puddles. Try and predict which ones will be easy to jump over without having to take a run up.


Let's talk 

Qs -“Are there any puddles that are so large you will only make the other side if you take a running jump?”  “Can you find puddles that all of the family can jump over?” Are there others that are so big that only some of the family can jump across?” “How many times can you jump over and back before you are so tired you need a rest?”

Extension - Trace around the puddle with chalk. What happens when the puddle dries up?

Watch the weather or look at an online weather map to predict when it will be a good day for puddles.

Invite your child to collect a few different bits of nature—a pebble, a leaf, a pinecone, a feather—then bring them to the puddle. Which of the items will sink and which will float? Why?

Find a measuring tape or ruler and help your child measure the puddle. How wide is it? How deep is it? How much water do you think is in this puddle? 

Ask your child to look carefully into the puddle. What do they see? Do they see a reflection? Is there anything living in the puddle? 

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