Planning a festival or event

Man and a young girl holding their lantern at the Belgrave Lantern Festival

We appreciate COVID-19 is raising new challenges for communities to get together. Please stay safe and observe the latest information provided by the Department of Health and Human Services website:              

To help you plan for future events we've put together resources and advice to guide you.  We encourage communities to celebrate together, but for now we have to be patient and work within the guidelines.    

Before you start

  1. Discuss the idea with other people to gauge enthusiasm and support for the idea.

  2. Brainstorm with a large group to establish the aim and purpose of the event, who could be involved or who it would benefit.

  3. Organise a working group or committee - If you can't get enough people interested to join the group and assist the event can't proceed.

  4. Put your ideas into a draft plan and develop a draft budget - talk to our Festivals & Events Development Officer for advice on the process and knowledge of the region.

Use the Quick Guide  (PDF, 397KB)(DOCX, 67KB) to get started.

Planning the event

When you're ready to start planning your event:

The Festivals & Events Development Officer is available to discuss any aspect of the event and provide advice. You can post your event on council’s online Calendar of Events once the details for the event are confirmed.


Funding the event

Once the components of the event have been planned, a realistic budget can be developed. You may require a mix of funding sources to enable the event to go ahead. One of these sources may be Council's Grants for Community Program.