Having difficulty paying your rates?

1. Overview

If you are having difficult paying your rates, Council can help.

Contact us on 1300 368 333 to discuss the following options before your payment is due or apply online below.

2. Apply to extend the payment date for the first rate instalment

Due to COVID-19 the adoption of Yarra Ranges Council's 2020/2021 budget was delayed until August 11 2020 to allow Council time to properly consider the financial impacts of COVID-19 on our services and ratepayers.

The delayed budget has meant that customers will receive their Rates notices later than usual, however they should expect to receive their notice in the week beginning Monday 7th September. 

Council is legally bound to use the instalment dates provided on rates notices, with first instalment amounts due on 30 September 2020.  However, given the circumstances, will consider requests to extend this date on a case by case basis.

Apply for an extension 

3. Special payment arrangements

Special payment arrangements can be made to assist you with making payments.

Payments are made on a frequency and amount that suits your budget

Debt Recovery Action is put on hold by Council.

Payments over 12 months must cover your current rates to be eligible

Outstanding amounts will continue to be charged penalty interest.

Apply for Special Payment Arrangement  

4. Financial hardship agreements

Customers who are in a position of financial hardship and unable to meet the terms of a special payment arrangement may be eligible for a Financial Hardship Agreement.

Financial Hardship Agreements can be made through Council's Hardship Policy.

Council recently amended the policy to make financial agreements applicable to all rateable properties, if the ratepayers are experiencing financial hardship. 

  • Rates, Charges and Penalty Interest are deferred for 12 months
  • To avoid further financial stress, applicants should endeavour to reduce debts still outstanding within this time.
  • Debt Recovery Action is put on hold by Council.

Apply for a financial hardship agreement 

5. What can happen if rates aren't paid?

*Please note that Council has discontinued some debt recovery actions on 2019/2020 rates and charges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • All unpaid rates will incur a penalty interest rate of 10.00% per year after the payments due date. This applies to annual and both instalment payment methods.
  • You will continue paying penalty interest on overdue rates and charges until we have received full payment of the outstanding amount.
  • We may recover any outstanding amounts plus interest in a Magistrates court by suing for debt.
  • Under Section 181 of the Local Government Act 1989 we may dispose of property where these circumstances exist:
  • There are rates and charges (including enforcement costs and interest) which are more than three years overdue and;
  • There is no current arrangement for the payment of overdue rates and charges
  • There is a court order requiring payment or part payment of the overdue rates and charges

6. How will my payments be allocated?

Any payments you make on outstanding rates and charges will be allocated in this order:

  • Legal costs
  • Interest
  • Arrears
  • Current rates, charges and levies