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Things you'll need for this activity

  • Balloons
  • String

  • Funnels

  • Paper plate 

What you'll learn in this activity 

Ages: All ages – supervision is required at all times.

Purpose: Balloons are wonderful! They are light as air and move more slowly than a ball so can be easier to grasp. Here are some learning activities to excite babies and develop their eye-hand coordination and some for pre-schoolers who need to use up some energy!

Lots of balloons in a basket.  As the basket is emptied and filled, use words for colour, size and position for language and maths development.

Tie a string on the balloon and hang it from a height.  Hang it within jumping reach, encouraging little ones to jump and hit the balloon.  For younger ones lower it and have them bump it with their heads. Lower it again to have kicking practice. Babies will enjoy patting it with hands and feet as they lie on a play mat.

Like a kite.  Attach balloons to long strings and run holding the string while keeping the balloon off the ground.  This game is made easier or harder by adjusting the length of the string.

Balloon tennis. Make a racket using paper plates or use your hand.  This works well in a hallway as the balloons don’t escape too far.

Keep it in the air. Bat a balloon up in the air. The aim is to keep the balloon from hitting the ground. Make up your own rules for a points system. 

Balancing. Balance a balloon on different body parts (eg hand, arm, knee, foot, head, nose, finger…) for a naming activity and body awareness.

NB. Always supervise babies and toddlers. Discourage sucking and biting on a balloon. Broken balloon pieces need to be disposed of immediately.


Let's talk

Qs - Why do balloons pop?  What makes them float?

Extension - How can we change the game?  Can we play blindfolded? What can we add? Where else can we play this game? Outside? 

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