Alcohol restrictions

Drinking alcohol in public places in Yarra Ranges is banned under Part 7 of the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2020. This ban applies at all times in all public places and is enforced by Victoria Police who can issue on-the-spot fines to individuals breaking the law.

The ban applies to people who consume alcohol or have in their possession or control an open receptacle that contains liquor in a public place. 

This ban does not apply to:

  • Licensed outdoor dining areas;
  • Licensed premises or authorised premises under the Liquor Control Act 1987;
  • A Council festival or event approved by Council; or
  • A gathering within a reserve with family or friends, providing the presence is not detrimental to the area (this would include, but is not limited to causing a nuisance to other patrons, littering or damaging the area.)