Accessible toilets

The National Public Toilet Map provides information on over 23,000 facilities across Australia, including toilets, adult change and baby change. Where available, information on accessibility, opening hours and amenities are included. You can search via location for all of the accessible toilets in Yarra Ranges.

As part of the Changing Places program, there are five accessible toilets in Yarra Ranges (four Council owned and one private) designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. These accessible toilets are located at:

  • Lillydale Lake, Lilydale
  • Monbulk Aquatic Centre, Monbulk 
  • The Yarra Centre, Yarra Junction, 
  • McKenzie Reserve, Yarra Glen and 
  • Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville.  

Works are underway for an additional accessible toilet at Kilsyth Sporting Stadium, Pinks Reserve, Kilsyth. The facility is expected to be in operation by early 2024. 

These toilets were built as part of the Changing Places program and provide:

  • a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench
  • a ceiling hoist to help lift the person out of their wheelchair and onto change table or toilet
  • a spacious area for carer and person with a disability
  •  a safe and clean environment 

Accessing the toilet

The accessible toilets at McKenzie Reserve, Yarra Glen and Lillydale Lake, Lilydale are locked to counter vandalism and misuse. Accessing these toilets requires an MLAK key.

An MLAK key fits into specially designed locks and allows 24 hour access to Changing Places toilets and Liberty Swings across Australia.

MLAK keys are available for people who have a disability or have written authority from any of the following:

  • a doctor
  • a disability organisation
  • community health centre
  • he owner or management of a building with an accessible toilet on site

The accessible toilet at Healesville Sanctuary is available during Sanctuary Opening hours, contact Healesville Sanctuary 1300 966  784 or 

Getting an MLAK key

You can get an MLAK key for free from any of Council's Community Links, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. 

You can also apply for a permanent purchase of an MLAK key from the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. For more details, visit the Master Locksmith website or call 9338 8822.

Accessible toilet locations

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