Exercise by Time


Things you'll need for this activity

  • Stop watch

  • Wearing shoes with shoe laces

  • Inside game

What you'll learn in this activity 

Ages: 5+

Purpose: Fun physical activity to test fine and gross motor skills

Let's play!

1. Untie your shoe laces on your shoes

2. Start the stop watch

3. Tie up your shoe laces

4. Do a star jump

5. Run into each room of your house and do a star jump

6. Run back to were you started

7. Stop the stop watch

8. How  many minutes and seconds did you take to complete this activity.

9. Try again and beat your time

Exercise by time.png

Let's talk

Qs - How many minutes and seconds did it take you to complete this physical activity.. How many star jumps did you do? How many rooms in our house do we have?

Extension - Involve other members of the family and see who is the quickest. Keep a record of the times and work out who was the fastest, slowest and differences between times.

You could run the length of your driveway or backyard, jump or walk backwards.

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