Allowances & expenses for the Mayor and Councillors

The Mayor and Councillors are entitled to receive an allowance while performing their duty as an elected official. The Victorian Government sets the upper and lower levels for allowances paid to councillors.

The allowances paid to our Mayor and Councillors, including a 9.5% allowance in lieu of superannuation, are:

Councillors Mayor
Allowance $31,444 $100,434
Superannuation Guarantee (9.5%) $2,987.18 $9,541.23
Total Payable $34,431.18 $109,975.23

Council is required to review the allowance levels by 30 June in the year following a general election and the allowance level determined will remain in effect for the full term of the council. The level of allowances were last reviewed by Council on 13 June 2017.

Allowances are subject to annual automatic adjustments that are announced in the Victoria Government Gazette by the Minister for Local Government. The last adjustment made by the Minister came into effect on 1 December 2019. 

Reimbursement of expenses

Council is committed to supporting Councillors to effectively undertake their duties by providing appropriate resources. Expenses can be claimed in respect of:

  • travel
  • car mileage
  • childcare
  • information and communication technology
  • conferences and training. 

The Councillor Expenditure Policy provides the necessary governance around claiming expenses. 

Payments to Councillors
- July to September 2019

(View a full breakdown of expenses for this period)(XLSX, 11KB)

Allowances Expenses Total
Len Cox $8,438.88 $4,111.65 $12,550.53
Noel Cliff $8,438.88 $5,170.84 $13,609.72
Terry Avery $8,438.88 $810.02 $9,248.90
Jim Child $8,438.88 $1,351.49 $9,790/37
Mike Clarke $8,438.88 $1,718.72 $10,157.60
Tim Heenan $8,438.88 -$152.19 $8,286.69
Richard Higgins $8,438.88 $97.80 $8,536.68
Fiona McAllister $8,438.88 $815.64 $9,254.52
Tony Stevenson(Mayor) $26,954.79 $2,098.87 $29,053.66
Total $94,465.83 $16,022.84 $110,488.67