Amendments to the planning scheme

The planning scheme sets out the objectives, policies and provisions relating to the use, development and protection of land. It is a statutory document and each Council is required to have one.

To make changes to the scheme you must apply for an amendment. Amendments can be initiated by Council, the Planning Minister or an individual. The amendment process is complex, lengthy and can incur large fees. View planning scheme amendment fees on the DEWLP website.

Read more about the amendment process on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website (DEWLP).

Current amendments are listed below. You can also view all amendments on the DEWLP website

Changes during COVID-19 Restrictions

Planning documents previously required to be physically available to view are now only required to be available for online inspection. This includes copies of planning scheme amendments and submissions.

Should an independent Planning Panel be required to review submissions, new face to face hearings will not be scheduled until such time as the ‘all-clear’ is provided by health authorities and government. Directions and Panel hearing for all new matters will be undertaken on the papers or via video conferencing as advised by the panel.

Each Panel will contact submitters and parties to discuss the possibilities for each new matter. In some cases due to complexity or the number of parties postponement may be necessary.

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