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Yarra Ranges Council is responsible for over $1 billion of infrastructure assets that underpin the delivery of services to the community.

As custodian and steward of these community’s assets, Council ensures that these assets are effectively managed so they continue to meet the needs of the community whilst achieving best value and sustainable outcomes.

Asset management is a core Council service and is at the centre of Council’s overall financial and strategic planning decision making.

Together with the Strategic Asset Management Plan, individual Asset Management Plans and associated working procedures and practices it provides a comprehensive, accountable and transparent Asset Management Framework for the Council.

This Asset Plan 2022–2032 has been prepared to assist Yarra Ranges Council’s long term financial planning and support the delivery of Council services to the community through its infrastructure including buildings, roads, bridges, footpaths, stormwater drainage, parks and recreation facilities, etc. 

Promotes child safety and guides employees in identifying and reporting alleged child abuse. It also outlines how to manage various risks when working with children.

Child Safe Incidents – Quick Contact Guide Authorities / Support Services

Reporting Authorities


Victoria Police


Department of Health and Human Services Child Protection

1300 360 391

131 278 (after hrs.)

Lilydale Police Station

9739 2300

Information and Support Services


1300 369 146

Department of Health and Human Services Child Protection

1300 360 391

Counselling Support Services

Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (ECASA)

9870 7330

1800 806 292 (24 hrs)

Australian Childhood Foundation

1800 176 453

Children’s Protection Society

9450 0900

Berry Street

5822 8100



Council's Community Engagement Policy sets the direction for meaningful, authentic and responsive engagement across the organisation. 

It outlines who Council will engage with - including why, how and when we will engage - to ensure that a coordinated and consistent approach is taken across all areas of Council, and that the community is at the heart of all decision making.

The Community Engagement Policy was endorsed by Council on Tuesday, 27 April, 2021.

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