Region of Choice


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Our vision is to create a region where our local residents and those around us see the Yarra Ranges as a vibrant, aspiring, caring and growing business sector that offers opportunities for everyone.


With a multi-pronged approach promoted with destination-like marketing campaigns we can look to both fill the critical shortfall of employees across all industries, promote best practise workplace environments and publicise the Yarra Ranges as a world leading place to work and do business. Join us in positioning Yarra Ranges as a Region of Choice for employment today.

Region of Choice is a long term, circular approach to the employment challenges of the Yarra Ranges that has 4 distinct purposes:

  • To increase employment participation
  • To promote employment in our region through destination-like marketing pieces
  • To create career pathways and
  • To promote businesses and organisations that sign up to the Region of Choice Charter

Region of Choice will look to celebrate and promote businesses that offer the following opportunities to their staff:

  • Education, training and development
  • Recognition and remuneration
  • Health and safety
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Organisational culture
  • An organisation that is an engaged community member



Over 50 businesses have signed up for the Yarra Ranges Region of Choice initiative, which aims to connect job seekers with local businesses in the Yarra Ranges.