Health & Wellbeing Advisory Committee

health and wellbeing advisory committee 21-25 2.jpg

The new Health & Wellbeing Advisory Committee allows for community voice and a consultative process for a wider range of activities and initiatives, as well as advice to support Council’s decision making and monitors the achievement of objectives of the Municipal Health & Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025.  

The 12 endorsed committee members represent;

  • Diversity of gender, culture, lived experience and age
  • Nine townships across the Yarra Ranges and a representative from all wards
  • Bring the skills and expertise of multiple sectors including urban farming, health, education, National Disability Insurance Scheme, volunteer groups, local business owners and various other community services

Committee Members

  • Cr Sophie Todorov (Chair)
  • Corinne Bowen (Manager Community Wellbeing)
  • Rachael Giddens (Executive Officer Health & Wellbeing)
  • Andrew Bond
  • Belinda Gillam Derry
  • Ellise Rickard
  • Heide Renner
  • Jo Hunt
  • Jolyon Scobie
  • Karen Pomeranz
  • Kham Lian
  • Lindsey Booth
  • Mark Doubleday
  • Melinda Jeffery
  • Sam Suke




The committee meets bi-monthly on Thursday evenings from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

  • Thursday 23rd March
  • Thursday 18th May
  • Thursday 13th July
  • Thursday 7th September
  • Thursday 2nd November



Key messages from the minutes will be shared with relevant Council Officers and partner organisations where appropriate to inform actions

The Chairperson will make a Delegate’s Report at the next Council meeting following a Committee meeting.

Annual reporting to Council will be included within broader Health & Wellbeing Plan reporting.