Request a change to your burning off category

You can request that Council review your property's burning off category. Please note changes are generally only made in exceptional circumstances.



Step 1.Complete your details

Complete the application details. If you are not the property owner, you must have written consent from the owner to proceed with the application.

Step 2.Pay the application fee

Standard Application Fee - $291.50

Pension Concession Application Fee - $138.50

This application fees cover:

  • Community Safety assessment of the application and relevant site inspections to ensure compliance with the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2020
  • Emergency Management assessment of the application and relevant site inspections to consider Fire Prevention/Readiness elements;
  • Community Safety final assessment of findings from initial assessments/inspections
  • Community Safety education campaigns, complaint response and enforcement action

A 50% discount has been applied for applicants holding a current Pension Concession.

Step 3.Application reviewed

The Safer Communities team will assess the application. The following criteria will be considered when making a decision, however other factors may be considered.

  • Property size
  • Property location
  • Property characteristics including topography and vegetation
  • Surrounding open air burning categories
  • Access to other green waste maintenance methods
  • Fire preparedness

Step 4.Outcome

The Safer Communities will contact you within 10 days of receiving your application

Request a change to your Open Air Burning Category