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Region of Choice celebrates Yarra Ranges' position as a premier region for employment. The area is home to huge variety of industries, and has cutting-edge training and education facilities. All of this against the backdrop of our spectacular scenery, just a convenient commute from Melbourne.

Most of all though, Yarra Ranges is home to businesses that are committed to their employees. Business who know that looking after their staff results in increased productivity, increased revenue and increased attraction and retention.

Becoming a Region of Choice business shows your businesses commitment to continuously improve upon the values that work towards your business and your employees growth listed below.

Region of Choice Values:

Education, Training and Development

Continuous Improvement in Education, Training and Development

Where appropriate staff will be offered various learning and development opportunities to enhance their position within the organisation. Region of Choice participants may use methods such as on-the-job training, online courses, conferences, events & workshops and more.

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Health and Safety

Continuous Improvement in Health and Safety

Staff complete their work in a safe environment with an emphasis on risk mitigation, near miss reporting and psychological safety. Employees are empowered to report and act on health and safety issues to create a safer work environment.

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Inclusivity and Diversity

Continuous Improvement in Inclusivity and Diversity

Organisations should look at new hiring opportunities with a conscious effort to build diversity and inclusion through recruitment of persons from underrepresented groups or backgrounds and adapting work schedules and rosters to offer flexibility where possible.

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Recognition and Remuneration

Continuous Improvement in Recognition and Remuneration

Offer staff salary and benefits equal to or above market rates. Other benefits may include flexible working arrangements, health and wellness initiatives, regular guidance, feedback and a compensation system that ties rewards to performance.

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Information on pay rates conditions and awards


Engaged Community Member

An Engaged Community Member

It is important that participating organisations are an environmentally engaged member of the Yarra Ranges who look to better the region and the environment through their work practices.

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Improvement in Organisational Culture

Continuous Improvement in Organisational Culture

Participating organisations should strive to adhere to the above qualities and more through their day-to-day business dealings. A desire for continual improvement across these values ensures and creates opportunities for everyone involved in an organisation from top to bottom.

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