Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO)


We've audited our waste since FOGO was introduced six months ago. Learn more about our impact.

Food sorting through organic waste

When will my FOGO bin be collected?

Your FOGO bin is collected weekly, and your household rubbish bin is collected fortnightly.

To look up your bin collection dates, visit:

When will my bin be collected

What can and can’t go in my FOGO bin

Your food organics garden organics bin (lime-green lid) collects and recyclesfood waste, grass clippings, prunings, weeds, leaves and other garden waste.

If you can eat it or it is part of something that can grow, it is FOGO. If you're not sure, check the list below. Place food scraps in your kitchen caddy and regularly empty them into your FOGO bin.

For more information, visit:

What can I put in each bin

Reducing our Food Waste

Did you know that the average Australian home throws away more than $2000 worth of food each year, and two-thirds of this food was still edible?

For tips on how to store your fresh produce and use your leftovers and reduce food waste, go to the Sustainability Victoria website.

Gardens for Harvest is a program run by Yarra Ranges Council and Knox City Council to help residents grow more of their own fresh and healthy food at home and in local communities. The Gardens for Harvest program shares information on how to grow fresh fruit and veggies, as well as how to compost food waste and other organic materials at home to create compost for the home garden. 

Compostable kitchen liners

Receiving more liners from the council:

Each property (household, business or organisation) has been allocated two (2) packs of liners per financial year.

As recommended, changing your caddy liner 2 to 3 times a week will ensure the two packs last you for the entire year.

Additional liners are available for pickup at any of our Community Links.

If you find you run out before the end of the financial year, you can:

  • Use paper towel or newspaper to line your caddy
  • Place items loose in your caddy without a liner (and rinse the caddy regularly)

Purchasing liners from the supermarket:

You buy additional approved liners from supermarkets, other retailers, or online suppliers. If you choose to purchase your own liners, they must be:

  • lime-green (the same colour as the liners we provide); and
  • meet the Australian Standard AS4736 (match the logos as shown below)


Lime green Australian Standard AS4736 compostable liners

Just remember that any liners that aren’t the correct lime green colour or don’t meet the required AS4736 standards will be considered contamination and may result in your FOGO wheelie bin not being emptied.

Extra kitchen caddies

If you need a new or additional kitchen caddy, various caddy designs are available from several retailers. A quick internet search will help you find options.

Alternatively, reusing any lidded container, like an ice cream tub or yoghurt container, is a cost-effective alternative for storing food scraps before taking them to the FOGO wheelie bin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put pet waste in my FOGO bin?

No. Pet waste can't go in your FOGO bin because all FOGO waste is sorted by hand to remove contamination. It's important that we protect workers from bacteria that animal waste can sometimes contain.

Dog and cat poo and kitty litter should be:

  • Placed into the rubbish bin, or
  • composted at home in a compost bin or worm farm

If you have pets, installing a pet waste composting system at home is worth considering. When you purchase an eligible composting system, the council offers home composting rebates of up to $40. You can apply for the rebate on our Council website. 


Can I opt out of the FOGO service?

Check if you're eligible to opt out

Answer the quick questions below to find out the options for your property.

Click here to view form.

What happens to the contents of the FOGO bin after collection?

Our trucks collect your food and garden organics and take it to BioGro, an organic composting facility in Dandenong South.

The material is sorted, contaminants removed and processed using a hot composting method that helps kill any bacteria and seeds. It’s then transported to a large rural property, placed in windrows and turned by farming machinery to add oxygen to produce a high-quality compost that Victorian farmers will use to help grow our food.

You can find out more on Bio Gro's website.

Is FOGO available to businesses?

The FOGO service allows non-household customers to place garden clippings and food scraps, including meat and bones, in the FOGO bin instead of the rubbish bin.

Your service now includes a three-bin service – FOGO, Recycling and Rubbish.

Our non-household customers' collection frequency and days have changed to align with our residential collection schedule.

  • Your FOGO bin is collected once per week.
  • Your rubbish bin is collected once per fortnight.
  • Your recycling bin is collected once per fortnight. 

If your business or organisation produces more FOGO, recycling, or landfill waste before your collection day, you can order an additional bin at an extra charge.

To do so, please complete the online request. Order an additional bin.

Please note: These changes are part of our Council-adopted Community Waste and Resource Recovery Plan 2023 and support the Victorian State Government Circular Economy Policy. The changes apply to all properties that currently use the Council’s waste and recycling services, including businesses and community organisations.


As a business, I no longer want to use Council's waste service

If Council’s curbside waste and recycling service no longer meets your businesses’ needs, you may opt out of your collection service and engage a private waste collection provider instead.

If you choose to cancel your kerbside service, all council kerbside bins will be removed from your property, and waste service charges will be removed from your rates notice.

To cancel a waste service or contact our customer experience team on 1300 368 333

Need help?

Contact us, and we will get back to you. Or call our Customer Service team on 1300 368 333