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Things you'll need for this activity

  • Time to reflect on yourself and your children. Ask yourself what's working well and what could work better.

  • Paper and pen/textas


What you'll learn in this activity 

Routines are important for everyone; you may have had to change some or even many of your routines with the impacts and changes we have all been adjusting to recently, due to the COVID-19. Children feel safer and more secure when their home is predictable and for parents and carers.


Night time

  1. Sit down with your child and talk about the things and activities that happen each day, what's involved, the order they occur, and why.This will help your child to understand what's expected and why.
  2. Then together you can record your routine. Your routine might be a simple list, it, it could include times of the day or images around the face of a clock, or use pictures to show each activity. You can use the routine chart to guide each day, include it in your conversations and planning.

Here is an example of a night time routine for younger children. You could even take your own pictures and use those. Children love seeing themselves and their own things!

routine pic.jpg

Talking together


  • What are the things we do each day? What comes first, next, last? Let’s record our routine in words or pictures.



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