Making nature wands


What you'll need

  • A stick or Agapanthus flower stem
  • Leaves, flowers
  • Tape, rubber bands or string  
  • Foil ribbon
  • Scissors /secateurs 

What is the learning in this activity?

Ages: 2y +

Purpose: Exploring our environment, finding things in nature and being creative with a few found at home items, to make a magic wand

Let's play

  1. Find a stick and pick some leaves or sturdy flowers and attach with rubber band and tape.
  2. For this activity you could also use an Agapanthus flower - which is common, you may have these at home or notice them when walking in your neighbourhood (you might find another plant you could use). It has a lonf strong stem and a rounded head of flowers.
  3. Take off the seed pods, just leaving the spiky ends.
  4. Tear off bits of foil (or Easter egg wrappers) and wrap around the ends. To add sparkle and colour
  5. Tie ribbons to your wand to complete the decoration.

Let's talk

Qs - What is spikey ? What is softer ? What can your magic wand do ? Let’s imagine. I wonder what special powers our wands might have…?

Extension - What other things can we find outside to make something creative ?

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