Arts Centre Warburton

Front view of the Arts Centre from Warburton Highway

The much loved Arts Centre, Warburton is a beautiful complex of historic buildings with a strong entertainment program, regular exhibitions and lively community gathering.

It includes the wonderfully preserved art deco Mecca Theatre, which was built in 1934 and delivers state of the art digital cinema experience to audiences most of the week.

The Mechanics Institute Hall which opened with a grand ball in 1913 remains a popular dance and performance space in the complex.

Throughout the year, local and visiting artists exhibit in the Centre’s art gallery which looks out onto a lush edible garden with crab apple trees and berry bushes.

Just beyond, the flowing and revered Yarra River provides a beautiful backdrop to the Art Centre. It is often teeming with locals enjoying nature as well as regular attractions including artisans markets and music performances.

Each year the Art Centre is home to the Warburton Film Festival and the River Folk Festival.

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Car Parking
Gravel surfaced parking is available on-site and in a larger car park behind the Police Station.


  • Ramped internal entry/exit is available.
  • Accessible seating is available in theatre.
  • Accessible toilets are available at venue.

Air conditioned/heated all year round.



* Arts Centre Warburton strives to be inclusive, welcoming guests of all abilities. While we are committed to accessibility, please note that due to the heritage of the venue, current facilities may have limitations. We acknowledge these challenges and are actively working on long-term plans for improvement. Contact us to discuss any specific requirements or suggestions for enhanced accessibility.


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