Climate change

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What is Council doing?

We do not dispute the realities of climate change. In 2019, Council reaffirmed its commitment to taking action on climate change by recognising we face a global climate emergency, requiring urgent action by all levels of government.

We are currently experiencing a climate that is around 1.1oC warmer since 1910 (CSIRO, 2018). This rise in temperature has seen an increase in extreme heat events and an increase in the severity of drought during times of below average rainfall.  

In 2020 Council endorsed our Liveable Climate Plan which will complement the goals outlined in our Environment Strategy 2015 - 2025.

  • Ensure our energy is sourced from renewables
  • Develop a plan to make all Council fleet, plants and equipment zero emissions
  • Improve the energy and water efficiency of all Council facilities and equipment and develop a resilient buildings strategy
  • Ensure environmentally sustainable design outcomes and achieved
  • Consider, and adapt for, climate change in all future policies, programs and services

In addition to the Liveable Climate Plan, we also have a number of works and plans underway, which include:

  • Continued upgrades of Council and Community buildings with roof top solar, including the new civic centre in Lilydale.
  • Upgrading over 900 street lights along major roads with energy efficient LEDs (due for completion in November 2019).
  • Commenced a feasibility study to create solar farms on closed landfill sites.
  • Transition plan from natural gas and LPG to renewable electricity as the energy source for Council operations.
  • Being part of a local government collective to purchase renewable energy to power Council’s streetlights.

We have been working hard to reduce our own corporate emissions and so far Council has:

  • Installed roof top solar on 40 Council buildings and some additional community buildings owned by Council with over 4000 solar panels supplying around 1.1MW of power
  • Implemented energy efficient lighting upgrades in 31 buildings
  • Implemented major energy efficient heating and cooling system upgrades at four locations
  • Introduced two new all electric cars into the Council fleet and a range of electric power tools to replace petrol driven tools
  • Upgraded over 6000 residential streetlighting with energy efficient LEDs
  • Planted more than 800,000 trees through our Ribbons of Green program
  • Implemented a Solar Savers program to deliver residents quality rooftop solar at affordable prices
  • Provided financial assistance to businesses to access environmental upgrades

Not only has this work resulted in a significant drop in our carbon emissions as an organisation, but our electricity bills are currently about $1 million lower a year than if we hadn't made the switch to upgrading our equipment and generating our own renewable energy.

As part of the Local Government sector, Yarra Ranges Council has an opportunity to lead by example and influence other levels of government and members of the community. If we can save some money while reducing emissions dramatically, others can too.

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Read the Adapting to a changing climate and energy future strategy

Read the Environment Strategy 2015-2025

Read Council's Liveable Climate Plan(PDF, 5MB) and its accompanying Action Plan(PDF, 822KB) 

Community programs and events

Community Programs

Helping our community prepare for Climate Change is also important to Council. Council has actively supported a number of community groups and projects. 

This has included:

  • Warburton Community Mini Hydro Project - in-kind support.
  • Yarra Valley ECOSS, Rooftop Solar Project - in-kind support.
  • Yarra Glenergy Community Group – in-kind support and funding.
  • Healesville Community Renewable Energy Group - in-kind support and funding.
  • Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association – in-kind support and funding.

Council also provides support to other community groups through the community grants program.

Visit our Grants page

Council also runs the successful Ribbons of Green program, where we have helped private landholders plant almost 800,000 plants over a 12 year period. Schools are also supported through this program and to date 69 schools have participated in the program.  Ribbons of Green link

Find out more about Ribbons of Green

Community Events

Council has started to host a series of climate related events with expert guest speakers to inform and inspire our communities. 

In May 2019, Council hosted Farming Solutions for a Changing Climate at The Memo Healesville. At this event over 250 people from the area, many from the agribusinesses community, were informed and inspired by 4 topic leaders:

  • Corey Watts –a local environmental consultant representing Farmers for Climate Action. Corey provided an overview of the current state of the environment
  • Dr Cassandra Schefe – a climate specialist soil scientist supported by Monash University. Dr Schefe talked of soil chemistry and how improving carbon in soil can help adapt to warmer and drier climate.
  • Jenny O’Sullivan – an experienced sheep and cattle farmer from South Gippsland also represented Sustainable Beef Australia. Jenny chatted about her experiences and promotion of sustainable farming.
  • David Holmgren – the co-originator of permaculture and a leading environmental thinker. David spoke of creating local sustainable spaces and working together to create change.

In August 2019 the next climate event had a focus on what communities can do to achieve climate action and ensure resilience in the face of a changing climate. This event; Community Solutions in a Changing Climate was held at Burrinja Arts Centre in Upwey and featured a range of speakers with:

Dr Susie Burke – an environmental psychologist from Castlemaine, who discussed strategies to stay engaged and act on Climate Change.

Associate Professor Lauren Rickards – from Melbourne University. Lauren spoke about building community resilience. 

A young local leader on climate action spoke to the room and offered a message of hope from the next generation.

We also had Uncle Dave Wandin provide insight into climate change from an Indigenous perspective, which was the highlight of the evening for many.

View the presentations and learn more about the event

As a result of this event we are now planning other forums to more deeply engage with our community.

Households and Businesses

At Council we partner with organisations that can provide value to households and businesses.

Yarra Ranges Council together with 7 other Councils have partnered with Solar Savers to deliver on quality and affordable household solar systems.  We will start promoting this solar offering to Yarra Ranges residents in December 2019. 

Solar Savers will also help in applying for state government assistance, and if you are a pensioner you may be eligible for a special low interest bank loan from Bank Australia.

Council also provide assistance to local businesses and commercial property owners through our Environmental Upgrade Finance program. This is achieved through a partnership with the Sustainable Australia Fund. Businesses participating in this program include:

  • 4 Pillars Gin Distillery in Healesville – solar system, this has off set their day time energy use and has provided some roof shading keeping their production area a little cooler in summer.
  • Aurrum Aged Care in Healesville – solar system, this is expected to provide 85% of their day time electricity use during summer.  The installation has been such a success Aurrum are now considering upgrading other aged care facilities using Environmental Upgrade Finance and even expanding their current system in Healesville
  • Oscars on the Yarra in Warburton – solar system and energy efficient lighting upgrade, has enable Oscars to reduce their power bills
  • Balgownie Estate, Yarra Glen - solar
  • Romarro Farm, The Patch – solar and batteries
  • Larkman Nurseries, Lilydale – solar and batteries

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Visit the Sustainable Australia Fund website