Proposed Carpark Upgrade at Burkes Lookout

  • Project typeCarpark Upgrade
  • Project scheduleMid 2024

Burkes Lookout is a popular spot and services the Kyeema track, and memorial now situated along the ngurrak barring | track.

During the development of the project Masterplan, a number of existing carparks were identified for upgrade. Many of these, including the Burkes Lookout carpark, had limited capacity due to the absence of line marked spaces and consequent inefficient use of space.

The carpark will be constructed within the existing footprint. No trees will be removed as part of this project and all native vegetation will be carefully protected during works.

The project will provide a much-needed boost for parking in the Hills, creating approximately 21 parking spots. The new carpark will more than double the existing parking capacity.

The team are working towards a carpark upgrade at Burkes Lookout in the coming months. Burkes Lookout is a popular spot, and the carpark also services the Kyeema track, and memorial now situated along the ngurrak barring trail.

What will the upgrade do?

This upgrade aims to:

  • Make parking safer and more efficient by formalising the car parking bays with asphalt and line marking.
  • Include landscaping with bollards and a design to deter irresponsible use of cars in the carpark.
  • Maintain the existing access for the trail, Parks Victoria, emergency, and fire services. 

Carpark-Construction-Burkes-Lookout-Mount-Dandenong.pdf(PDF, 733KB)

Should you have any enquiries please reach out to the ngurrak barring | Ridgewalk team at


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