Election activities and signage

Polling station

All candidates are entitled to a fair opportunity to conduct their election campaign within Yarra Ranges, however, these rights must be balanced against the need for Council to ensure that election signs do not unduly compromise public amenity or safety. 

The following conditions apply to the placing of electoral signage in accordance with Council's Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2020 (Clause 4.9) and Council’s Election Period Policy, the Environment Protection Act 2017 and the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme (Clause 52.05).

Election activities allowed without a permit

Signs on Private Property

An election sign displayed on a private property is allowed without a planning permit by Clause 52.05-10 under the following conditions:

  • You have consent from the owner/occupier of the land
  • There is only one sign displayed on a property, and there is no duplication of the same sign even if they are joined together.
  • The display must not replicate or repeat information about the candidate
  • It has one flat surface – Any A-frame on private land, triangular signage mountings (or similar) is considered to be more than one sign, even if they are joined together
  • The display area of the sign is no bigger than 5 square metres
  • Not to be animated or internally lit
  • Signs must not be displayed for more than 3 months in total
  • Must not be displayed longer than 14 days after the election date
  • Can include information about one candidate
  • Any sign not in accordance with the above requires a planning permit as a promotion sign
  • Any breach of these requirements will be the responsibility of both the candidate and the owner of the land, under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  Any breach will require the non-compliant signage to be removed within 24 hours, and may result in a fine being issued for each day the breach remains.


Signs permitted ONLY on the day of election

A permit is not required to any authorised sign which is placed out on the day of the election for the sole purpose of advertising the location of a voting centre.

For all other information on day of election signage, please visit Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Advertising boards placed on vehicles and trailers


In transit

  • Is allowed if the sign does not unreasonably restrict the use of the road, or endanger the safety of members of the public


Pamphlet or flyer distribution

  • A permit does not apply to placing electoral material in resident’s letterboxes


Door knocking

  • A permit does not apply if visiting residents and business premises 

Election activities that may require a council permit

Candidature Signs on Public Land

An Electoral Signage permit is required to place out electoral signage which promotes or advertises a person's candidature or prospective candidature in or on any road, on public land or public place.

Apply online for an electoral signage permit


Voting Centre Signs that are outside 100 metres of a Centre

Please visit Council's Footpath Trading Permit webpage to apply for an A-Frame sign permit. 

This permit requirement does not apply to any authorised sign which is placed out on the day of the election for the sole purpose of advertising the location of a voting centre.


Voting Centre Signs within 100 metres of a Centre

Please visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website if placing a sign within 100m of a voting centre. 


Election activities not allowed (penalties may apply)

Bill Posting

  • No signs can be affixed to any fixed structure without the consent from the owner, occupier, or manager of the structure. Fixed structures can include: light posts, traffic posts, bus stops etc
  • Placing loose flyers under car windscreen wipers

Signs placed on Council structures

  • Approval will NOT be given to place signs on a Council fixture, assets, trees, or anything under the management of Council.

Advertising Signs placed on vehicles and/or trailers on Council controlled land

  • Advertising on a vehicle and/or trailer in a park, garden, reserve, nature strip or road-related area 


Election signs on arterial roads and freeways

Signs placed on Vic Roads land and/or assets

All Electoral signage that is placed within the road reserve of an arterial road or freeway requires the prior written consent from the Head of Transport for Victoria.



Non-compliance with regulations

Both the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme and the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law provide for penalties for any breaches detected by Authorised Officers

Impounding signs/furniture

Local Laws Officers can impound any sign displayed in a public place without a permit or not complying with the conditions of a permit.

Retrieving Impounded signs/furniture

Cost of retrieval of a confiscated sign or furniture is $58.50 per sign, payment and collection can be arranged at Lilydale Civic Centre – 15 Anderson Street, Lilydale 3140. Please contact customer service on 1300 368 333 to discuss your requirements.

Reporting electoral activities

How do I report signs on Council land and/or Council assets?

Please contact Yarra Ranges Council on 1300 368 333 or online


Where do I report signs on Arterial Road and Freeways?

For concerns with signage placement on Arterial roads and road reserve land contact the Department of Transport enquiry line on 13 11 70 or online https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/traffic-and-road-use/report-a-road-issue

Complaints about elections?

The VEC has a robust customer feedback and complaints process for receiving and responding to all feedback and complaints. Feedback and complaints must be made in writing directly to the Election Manager or to the VEC’s Customer Feedback and Complaints team either in writing or via the online submission tool available on the VEC website.

  • Visit vec.vic.gov.au online
  • Email  complaints@vec.vic.gov.au
  • Post to Customer Feedback and Complaints Team, Victorian Electoral Commission, Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.