Gardens for Wildlife

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Are you interested in creating a garden that attracts and supports local wildlife?

With some effort and careful planning, your garden can become a space that provides food and shelter for wildlife as they move between larger areas of habitat such as parks and bushland reserves. Once you’ve created a wildlife-friendly garden you’ll reap the joy of having birds, butterflies, frogs, lizards and other species visit your space.


About the program

The Yarra Ranges Gardens for Wildlife (YRG4W) program assists residents to develop a garden (or an area within their garden) to support local wildlife. The program is run by council and a team of local volunteers who share their expertise and enthusiasm for wildlife gardening. It’s free to join and open to Yarra Ranges residents.

Upon joining the Yarra Ranges Gardens for Wildlife program participants:

  • receive an information pack
  • can book a garden guide who will visit their property and provide suggestions and a voucher for free indigenous plants
  • can join the Yarra Ranges Gardens for Wildlife Facebook group where they can share their experience with others

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Become a Garden Guide

Our program is run in partnership with volunteers who are passionate about protecting our local environment.

If you have interest and/or knowledge on wildlife gardening that you would like to share with others, consider becoming a volunteer Gardens for Wildlife Garden Guide. Training and support is provided and you can specify how much or how little time you want to dedicate to being a guide.

For more information, please contact


For more information, assistance with registering, or to request information in an alternative format, please contact or call 1300 368 333. Yarra Ranges Council welcomes calls from the Translation and National Relay Service