Civic Centre Redevelopment


Artists impression of the Civic Centre

Yarra Ranges Council is embarking on a Civic Centre Redevelopment at its Anderson Street offices in Lilydale.

The project will involve the construction and refurbishment of office space and the creation of new public space that will be available for Council and community use.

Project updates

22 October 2021

Construction works are again underway at the Civic Centre Redevelopment site after recent construction industry and COVID delays. Because of these delays work has slowed onsite and the revised practical completion date is now 8 February 2022.

Works in the coming weeks will include: 

  • Plaster ceilings on all levels
  • Timber ceiling works to ground floor and level 1
  • Internal window installs
  • Roofing works
  • And further carpark paving works

Below you can see the latest photos from the site.

27 July 2021

Works are continuing on with the Civic Centre Redevelopment’s construction and the contractor has made significant progress to the second stage of the new building.

This progress includes internal works including wall construction and plaster works, as well as further external works including windows, roofing, stormwater works, and the front entrance.

The works are currently schedule for completion in January 2022.

See some images below of current progress to the site 

12 March 2021

Works are continuing on with the Civic Centre Redevelopment’s construction.

While many staff have been working remotely, the contractor has made significant progress in constructing the second stage of the new building.

Demolition on the former Council Chambers happened almost a year ago and now the new offices are starting to take shape.

See some images below of current progress to the site 

15 September 2020

Yarra Ranges Council is continuing on with the Civic Centre Redevelopment at its Anderson Street offices in Lilydale.  Stage One was completed earlier this year. While work on Stage Two has begun, construction has had to cease while Covid-19 Stage Four restrictions are in place.

Once complete, the new building will address many of the old building’s shortcomings, which include expensive running costs, poor access for people with disabilities, and outdated and inefficient building systems and infrastructure.

The new Civic Centre will:

-      Better support the needs of our community with meeting rooms and other multipurpose     community spaces.
-      Improve the customer experience for our community.
-      Be accessible for people of all abilities.
-      Bring council staff together on the one site to improve our service to the community.
-      Provide a Village Green for the community to enjoy.

The Civic Centre Redevelopment is expected to be complete by early 2022.

Artists impression of the Civic Centre redevelopment

9 January 2020

Council’s Civic Centre Redevelopment project is preparing to move into its second phase, with construction works to start on the Anderson Street office building in coming months.

As part of these works, the Lilydale Community Link front counter services will be temporarily relocated from 2 March 2020. 

The link will be located just a short walk from the current building, across the carpark from Lilydale Coles and underneath Centrelink at 61-65 Anderson Street.

Council is committed to providing quality customer service to the community and will ensure that all services accessed from the new front counter site will continue as normal.

The new Civic Centre will replace the existing 50-year-old building which is no longer fit for purpose and does not support our Council staff and community needs.

The new building will address many of the current building’s shortcomings and significantly reduce Council’s environmental footprint and running costs, while demonstrating Council’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The new building will include meeting rooms and multi-purpose spaces for Council and community use.

As part of the building project, the contractor Johns Lyng Commercial Builders offered a cadetship position which was appointed to Lilydale local, Aleisha Heys in August 2019.

In her administrative role, Aleisha is experiencing work on a major Council project, gaining skills and expertise to support her in her future studies.

The Civic Centre Redevelopment is due to be completed in 2021.

30 May 2019

The first stage of the project has included:

  • locating isolating and protecting existing service assets including, sewerage and electrical
  • demolition works, in ground service excavation, laying and backfilling
  • installing seismic steel to protect the building structure should an earthquake occur
  • installing two 25,000 litre underground rain water tanks
  • installing stormwater, rainwater, fire services and electrical conduits to the south and east side of the building.

5 July 2017

A Schematic design has now been completed and the project is moving into the design development phase.

A planning permit application is anticipated to be lodged within the next 4 to 6 weeks.



Frequently asked questions

Why is council redeveloping its Anderson Street offices?

Yarra Ranges Council is committed to delivering quality services for our residents. Over the past two years we have been improving processes and achieving efficiencies across the organisation.

We have been exploring new ways of working that will equip us to adapt to changing technology and enable us to deliver effective, functional and responsive customer service well into the future.

The redevelopment and refurbishment of Council’s Anderson Street offices will play an important role in this work and is well overdue. The offices are more than 50 years old and are no longer fit for purpose.

The Civic Centre Redevelopment will:

- Address many of the building’s existing shortcomings, including disability access and outdated and inefficient building systems and infrastructure

- Significantly reduce Council’s environmental footprint and running costs, and demonstrate Council’s commitment to sustainability and the environment

- Incorporate clever design to help create a modern, fit-for-purpose workplace that meets the needs of our community and employees now and into the future.

- Provide an opportunity for the organization to adopt a more efficient and modern working model that supports our drive to improve customer focus and efficiencies. More open style workspaces will provide opportunities for better integration and collaboration.

- Enable all employees to be accommodated on the one site, saving on leasing costs of other buildings

- Better accommodate the needs of our community with meeting rooms and other multi-purpose spaces.

How much will the project cost?

In April 2017, Council endorsed a proposal for a $28 million redevelopment after considering a feasibility assessment regarding the condition of the existing building.

In March 2018, Council approved an additional $3.6 million to the project's budget in response to insufficient construction contingencies and rising costs in the building industry. 


How was the cost of the redevelopment determined?

A feasibility study was undertaken to determine the condition of the existing building and explore suitable options for a redevelopment.

The study identified significant compliance and ‘end of life’ issues with the building and operating systems that must be addressed.

Who can I speak to if I have questions regarding the project?

Please phone 1300 368 333 and our Contact Centre team will be able to put you in touch with a Council officer. 

Why did Council choose a full redevelopment over other options?

Council believes the full redevelopment option would best meet the long-term needs of the Yarra Ranges community. The cheapest option would only bring the existing building up to the minimum required standard. It would be a short-term fix that would have no benefit to the community in terms of civic space and improved customer experience, and would not support Council’s work to create a more efficient and collaborative work space.

Other options that were explored did not eliminate the need for temporary buildings, which are costly to operate and maintain.

The option for a complete redevelopment will deliver maximum value to the community, support efficiency initiatives and provide the lowest ongoing costs. The final building will be modest, fit for purpose and designed to serve the Yarra Ranges community for decades to come.

How is Council funding this project, and will it increase my rates?

Council has allocated $14.8 million in its existing reserves for this project. An additional $16.8 million will be borrowed at the current low rates. There will be no material impact on services or council rates as a result of this redevelopment.

How was the community engaged on the project?

Council undertook a six week consultation process with the community asking them how they would use the public space component of the new building. 

This involved a series of pop up information sessions at a variety of locations throughout the Yarra Ranges, an online survey and post cards. 

We spoke to more than 1600 people face to face and received a range of great ideas for how people might use the public space.

 A number of ideas and comments were also received through online activities including the 'Have Your Say' page on Councils website, a Facebook advertising campaign and an email sent to more than 700 groups, businesses and schools. 

How will the feedback be used?

Feedback will be considered as part of the detailed design phase to ensure the public space component of the redevelopment can accommodate for a range of different activities that where identified. 

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