Cement Creek Road Bridge Upgrade Project

  • Project typeBridge upgrade
  • Project value$1.3 million
  • Project scheduleConstruction commences October 2022
  • Completion Date31 December 2023
Cement Creek Bridge Update.jpg

Vehicle access to Redwood Forest via Cement Creek Road Bridge is now open, following major bridge and pedestrian works.

In recent years the popularity of the Redwood Forest has increased dramatically. The increased in traffic including tourist buses has necessitated the need to upgrade the bridge.

The Cement Creek Bridge upgrades will provide improved safety for visitors to the Redwoods Forest by increasing the load capacity of the bridge, as well as the addition of a new access way for pedestrians alongside the bridge. 

The plan to replace the bridge was delayed by a landslip on the Warburton Highway, caused by flooding in October, 2022.

The machinery to dismantle the former bridge and begin installing new components was too large to deliver to Warburton via the detour route while VicRoads’ landslip works took place.

This $1.3m project has been funded by three sources:

·         The Federal Roads to Recovery Program

·         The Federal Bridge Renewal Program

·         The Victorian Government

Parks Victoria is also planning to upgrade facilities inside the park.

You can find out more on these works, and the estimated project timeline, by visiting their project page here.


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