Green Spine Shared Path Chirnside Park Stage 3B Lighting

  • Project typePaths and Trails
  • Project scheduleConstruction complete
  • Completion Date30 June 2022

The Green Spine is one of the 10 key outcomes defined in the Chirnside Park Urban Design Master Plan 2008, extending along Maroondah Highway from Manchester Road to Brushy Creek. It comprises of shared pedestrian / cycle paths meandering through landscaped areas on both sides of the highway; extensive landscaping with avenue trees and shrub planting; and street furniture; lighting and way-finding signage. Lighting and way-finding signage will be added next financial year.

Stage 3A of the Green Spine was completed in June 2020. The works included approximately 1km of a 2.5m wide meandering shared path on Maroondah highway Road reserve with associated soft landscaping works, including planting of over 600 plants. The path connects Chirnside Shopping Precinct to Oxley Secondary school as well as the Maroondah Golf Park and connection into Maroondah Council. The works include line marking, warning and directional signage.

Stage 3B of the Green Spine was the missing link along the Southern side of Maroondah Hwy, this project was completed in June 2021. The project included over 200m of elevated walkway which ensures safe accessibility for all. There is now a complete link from the Brushy Creek Trail through to Chirnside Shopping centre and the East Ridge Drive dining precinct.  

The final stage of works will include solar lighting along both sections of Maroondah highway which is planned to include automated sensor lighting where for example the lights could remain on at 20% from 10pm and would light up to 100% once a pedestrian or cyclist is detected.

green spine stage 3b proposal.PNG

Purpose of the Project

The main purpose of the Green Spine is to increase community pride and participation in Chirnside Park by providing an attractive, central point of orientation which links all the fragmented areas of the existing and future communities together.  It will provide a scenic, active, green corridor extending from north to south through the centre, and a prominent gateway to the Shire and the Yarra Ranges tourist region. It will significantly reduce reliance on cars over time as the activity centre develops, providing enhanced pedestrian and cycle access to the shopping precinct, transport hub and residences.