Pet desexing

Desexing your pet is a responsible choice for pet owners. It helps reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens and reduces the incidence of roaming, disease and aggression in dogs and cats.


As of 10 April 2010 all cats registered for the first time with Yarra Ranges must be desexed.

Unless the cat:

  • Is registered with one of the applicable organisations below (and the owner is also a member):
  • Australian National Cats Inc
  • Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc
  • The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc
  • Is kept for breeding by a proprietor of a Domestic Animal Business registered with Yarra Ranges; or
  • Has been examined by a Vet who provides written advice detailing how the desexing would be harmful to the cat’s health.

Proof of these exemptions must be submitted with your Pet Registration Application.


There is no compulsory desexing of dogs in Yarra Ranges. However if you want to register your animal as a desexed dog you will need to provide proof.

Please see the Proof of Registration Class page for further information.



Desexing Vouchers

Yarra Ranges Council offers Reduced Fee Desexing Vouchers to low income earners who live in the municipality. Find out more about the Reduced Fee Desexing Voucher Scheme.