Animal permit and registration fees


Find information about the fees associated with various animal permits including pet registrations and running an animal business.

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Pet Registration Fees 

Find out how much it costs to register your pet in the drop-down boxes listed below.

Your registration fee includes the State Government Levy per cat and dog. This levy is used to fund responsible pet ownership education programs. Pet replacement tags are free for all currently registered pets.

Pro-Rata fees begin from 10 October 2023. Registrations valid until 10 April 2024.

All registration classes (except non-desexed) will be required to attach proof of that class. Cats must be desexed or proof must be supplied for exemption.

Registration fees for dogs

Registration fees
Registration Class (valid until 10 April 2025) Reg Fee  Pension Concession 
Fertile (non-desexed) Dog $149.00 $58.00
Dangerous Dog (protective training or guard dog - non-residential) $261.00 N/A
Declared Dangerous $261.00 N/A
 Menacing Dog $261.00 N/A
Restricted Breed Dog $261.00 N/A


Reduced Fees (not applicable to dangerous, menacing or restricted breed dogs)

Registration Class Reg Fee Pension Concession
Council Enrolled Foster Carer animal $8.00 $8.00 
Over 10 years old $50.00 $19.00
Desexed  $50.00 $19.00
Breeder (owners have a registered Domestic Animal Breeding Business
where the animal is bred)
$50.00 $19.00
Registered to an applicable organisation
(owners registration and animal proof required)
$50.00 $19.00
Farm Working Dogs $50.00 $19.00
Trained by an approved training organisation $50.00 $19.00
GMA Hound $50.00 $19.00
Guide Dog (hearing/vision impaired) Free Free
Government Authority Working Dog Free Free
 Approved Assistance Dog   Free Free


Registration fees for cats

Registration fees for Cats
Registration Class (valid until 10 April 2025) Reg Fee Pension Concession
VET Approved Fertile (non-desexed) Cat $129.00 $52.00
Council Enrolled Foster Carer Animal $8.00 $8.00
Desexed $45.00 $16.00
Over 10 years old $45.00 $16.00
Breeder (owners have a registered Domestic Animal Breeding Business
|where the animal is bred)
$45.00 $16.00
Registered to an applicable organisation
(owners registration and animal proof required)
$45.00 $16.00










Excess animal permit fees

Standard Application Fee - $197.50

Pension Concession Application Fee - $90.00

Standard Renewal Fee - $151.50

Pension Concession Renewal Fee - $47.00

This Application Fees cover:

  • Community Safety assessment of the application and relevant site inspections to ensure compliance with the Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2020
  • The keeping of additional animals – dependant on property size
  • Community Safety education campaigns, complaint response and enforcement action
  • Providing Council’s “Responsible Pet Ownership” programs

No less than 50% discount has been applied for applicants holding a current Pension Concession.

Apply for an Excess Animal Permit

Domestic animal business registration fees

The registration fee is payable when you lodge your application.

After the Community Safety Officer has assessed and approved your application you will receive your Domestic Animal Business Registration.

You are unable to trade in your premises until your Registration Certificate has been issued.

Type Full fees*
1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024
 Dog training establishment $200.00
Other animal business types including
  • Catteries
  • Boarding kennels
  • Shelters
  • Pounds
  • Pet shops
  • Breeding establishments with more than 3 fertile females



*Renewal fee = full fee

Domestic animal business registration FAQs

What does the Registration & Renewal Fee cover?

A domestic animal business registration covers: 

  • Assessment of the Initial Application and relevant site inspections to ensure compliance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994
  • Annual inspections to ensure compliance with Domestic Animals Act 1994 after renewal application is received
  • Payment of annual State Government Levy per registration
  • Required inspections for education, complaints, compliance issues and enforcement action
  • Maintaining the Domestic Animal Business’ data on the state-wide Pet Exchange Register
  • Providing Council’s Responsible Pet Ownership Programs
  • Providing a free Voluntarily Enrolled Foster Carer Registration Program
  • Support from Council’s Small Business Office

Are the fees refundable?

The registration fee may be refundable, depending on your circumstances. Apply here if you wish to be considered for a refund of your registration fee.

Why are there no pro-rata fees?

All Domestic Animal Business registrations are valid until 10 April each year.

If your initial registration is approved between 1 February – 10 April, we will register your premises until 10 April the following year.  

This provides you with the remaining months of a current registration year at no charge.

Why is my registration renewal fee due by 10 March?

Your registration is valid until 10 April each year.

The Clause 48 (2) of the Domestic Animals Act 984 requires proprietors to apply for renewal of their registration no less than 30 days before the registration is due to expire.