Animal welfare

The majority of people who own or interact with animals treat them humanely and comply with agreed animal welfare standards. Unfortunately there are instances where this is not the case and an investigation is needed to identify whether a breach of legislation has occurred.


RSPCA manage animal welfare and cruelty report in consultation with Yarra Ranges Council Community Safety Officers.

The following examples could be the subject of a cruelty complaint:

  • animals in immediate danger of death or harm
  • animals that are hurt or abused
  • neglected or abandoned animals
  • animals suffering from untreated injury or disease
  • animals that are not receiving adequate food, water and/or shelter
  • animals that are being used in illegal activity (such as dog fighting or cock fighting)
  • animals that have been deliberately poisoned (other than for the control of declared pests)

If you witness cruelty or suspect that cruelty to an animal has occurred, a report can be made to the RSPCA either online or by phoning 03 9224 2222.

If you believe an animal's life is at immediate risk, DO NOT make an online report. Please call RSPCA now on 9224 2222 so an Inspector can be notified right away.

Victoria Police

If you find a pet left in a hot car, please call Victoria Police immediately on 000. The Police are equipped to dispatch officers quickly from the nearest police station, which is critical under these circumstances.

If there has been a road transport accident involving animals (for example a truck rollover) always call the Police.

Domestic Violence

The Eastern Domestic Violence Service’s (EDVOS), is the specialist family violence service in the eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne. To help assist people and their pets in domestic violence situations, EDVOS has partnered with Animal Aid to provide emergency boarding for pets in need. They have developed a program called “Pets in Peril” to help combat some of these issues.

Pets in Peril Program

The Pets in Peril Program aims to improve animal/pet safety in family violence situations, and partners with community agencies, veterinarians and volunteers to provide temporary shelter where needed.

Through this program EDVOS have successfully helped find safe accommodation for hundreds of animals experiencing or at risk of violence in Melbourne’s east.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and are in need of emergency temporary boarding for your pet, please contact EDVOS via their website.

If you are in immediate danger, call 000 and ask to speak to police

Other contacts: