Yarra Ranges Business Leaders Roundtable (BLR)

The Yarra Ranges Business Leaders Roundtable (BLR) brings together business leaders to use its collective strength, knowledge and catalytic thought required to develop practical ideas and initiatives that deliver positive and lasting outcomes to proposals, opportunities and challenges facing business and the Yarra Ranges economy with an initial focus on:

  1. The economic impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; and
  2. Renewal of the Yarra Ranges Council – Economic Development Strategy 2022-2032

The Roundtable seeks expertise across the municipality that can provide knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking. It provides focus to or sometimes challenges research and intelligence work being done and gives advice on big picture issues and impacts.

Members are appointed as individuals based on their leadership, qualifications and experience. Membership is by invitation only and includes industry representatives, Victoria Government representatives and key Council Officers.

Meetings are held biannually six months part for no more than 2 hours. Additional special meetings may be scheduled by arrangement