Register a home based business

The registrations, licences and permits you need will depend on the business you are running, what activities your business will be
undertaking and the zoning of your property.


The Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) is a great place to start collecting information on any license,
registration and permit that may be required for your business at your specific address.
For all council related permits and registrations, fill out our Small Business Pre-Application Assessment to find out your requirements. If you need any further assistance, contact our Small Business Office by phone on 1300 368 333 or by email at We will be able to help provide information about:


  • Planning permits relating to use of land, use of building for business, displaying signs and other statutory planning requirements

  • Building permits that relate to the method of construction of a building or development, and the use of the building to ensure it meets relevant building codes.

  • Health registrations and certificates for food premises, health, beauty and accommodation premises. Could include registration and certificates required for wastewater and septic systems.

  • Engineering permits relating to traffic management, car parking, drainage, stormwater

  • Community safety including roadside trading permits, domestic animal business permits, and footpath trading permits for furniture, display items or A frames placed on the footpath or on council land

Home Business FAQs


Will I need a planning permit for my home business?

If you operate a home based business within Yarra Ranges you will need to comply with the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme (52.11)
A home based business must:
  • be your main place of residence

  • have no more than two people working in the business who do not live in the home

  • not use more than (net floor area) 100 square meters, or one-third of the total floor area of the home, whichever is the lesser

  • not use more power, gas, water than normal domestic usage

  • not negatively impact the neighbourhood e.g. appearance, creating excessive noise, parking of cars, transporting of materials/goods to and from the home, hours of operation, electrical interference, storage of hazardous materials, emissions from site.

  • not modify or service motor vehicles

  • have only one commercial vehicle, not exceeding two tonnes capacity and registered to a resident of the home

  • only sell goods manufactured or serviced in the home based business (this doesn’t apply to goods offered for sale online)

  • store within a building, all materials used or goods manufactured, serviced or repaired in the home based business

  • not display goods manufactured, serviced or repaired so they’re visible from outside the property

  • not have goods sold online collected from the home
A permit may be granted for a home based business which:
  • allows no more than 3 people who do not live in the home to work in the business at any one time

  • has a floor area not exceeding 200 square metres or one-third of the net floor area of the home, whichever is the lesser

Find out more about planning permits here.

Will I need a health or food registration for my home business?

All health and accomodation related businesses must be registered with Council.
Health-related businesses include personal care and body art businesses that provide hairdressing, beauty treatments.
Prescribed accommodation includes rooming and boarding houses, motels, hostels and caravan parks.
We can provide advice to help you meet the requirements for operating a health or accomodation home based business. Read more about starting a food business or contact us for more information on 1300 368 333.


Will I need a building permit for my home business?

If you are planning on carrying out any internal renovations or external or structural building works for your home based business
you will need a building permit. Find out more about building permits.


Can I have signage for my home business?

You can erect one non-illuminated home occupation sign up to 0.2 square metres without planning approval.