Transfer a food, accommodation or health business registration

Apply for a transfer

Step 1.Prepare your application

You are unable to trade in a food, health or accomodation business until the registration has been transferred into your name.

To transfer a current food, health or accommodation registration you need:

Step 2.Submit your transfer application

Return your application to our Community Links or mail to PO Box 105 Lilydale

Step 3.Application reviewed

Your application will be reviewed by a Environmental Health Officer and the business will be inspected. You may be contacted for further information.

Step 4.Transfer complete

Your transfer is complete when you receive the certificate of registration. You cannot trade until you have received the certificate of registration in your name.


Optional pre-transfer inspection and report

Before buying an existing food, accommodation or health business, such as a cafe, bed and breakfast or beauty salon, we recommend you arrange a pre-transfer inspection and report.

You must have the business owner's consent to arrange a pre-transfer inspection.

Our environmental health officers will inspect the business and prepare a report for your information. You can then work with the existing owner to resolve any outstanding items.

How to apply

Once application and payment is received, an inspection is arranged (within 10 days) with current proprietors present. Following inspection, a report is written and sent to the pre-transfer inspection applicant.

For further enquiries, contact our Public Health Department on 1300 368 333.