Apply for a roadside trading permit

You need a Roadside Trading Permit if you want to operate a business from the side of a Council road or a Council carpark. This includes food vans, flower stalls, coffee carts etc.

Permits are renewed annually on 31 December.

Before you apply, make sure to review our Roadside Trading Considerations below.

Roadside Trading Considerations

Permits are only valid for the type of business listed on the permit.

You cannot trade within 1 kilometre of any fixed business selling goods or services of a similar type. This includes coffee/food vans trading within 1 kilometre of a sporting club canteen (unless the trader and sporting club have an agreement). 

Trading at roadside or lay-by rest areas is only permitted between sunrise and sunset.

There are limits on the A-frame signage you can display.

You must provide a suitable receptacle for the disposal of rubbish.

Permits are not transferrable if you sell your business. The new proprietor must apply for a new permit.

If you want to conduct business on a VicRoads controlled road you must apply to them for approval.

To check if the road or public place is Council owned, use our road authority look up tool.


Apply via the methods below


Step 1.Prepare your documents

Ensure you have a current Public Liability Insurance Policy for at least $10 million.

If you intend to sell food, you must provide your FoodTrader registration number as part of the application. Visit the FoodTrader website for further information.

Step 2.Complete the online form

 Apply online