Waste truck with three bins on the kerb in front of two houses

The way we collect waste is changing

Did you know more than half of the waste in our rubbish bins could be recycled or composted? We’re making it easier than ever to reduce waste with the introduction of a FOGO (Food Organics and Green Organics) collection service.

The new FOGO service will reduce valuable material going to landfill and help to reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

From 2 October 2023:

  • Garden clippings and food scraps, including meat and bones, will go in your FOGO bin. Your FOGO bin will be collected weekly.
  • With all the food waste in the FOGO, your rubbish bin will be less full. As a result, your rubbish collection will move to fortnightly.
  • Your fortnightly recycling collection will stay the same.

The changes are all part of the State Government's Circular Economy Policy to reduce waste going to landfill by 2030.

We only get one planet, why waste it? Use the FOGO bin and play your part in reducing harmful greenhouse gases.

Key changes from 2 October 2023

 Bin  Service  Collected
Lime green lidded FOGO bin

FOGO (lime green lid)

  • If you already have a green waste bin, this will become your FOGO bin.
  • If you use our waste and recycling service but don't have a green waste bin, we will deliver one to you.
  • You will also receive a kitchen caddy, a roll of compostable caddy liners and an information pack.
  • Collection starts on 2 October 2023. Your information pack will have your collection day.

Please do not put your new FOGO bin out for collection prior to the week commencing 2 October 2023. You can start filling your new FOGO bin with food and garden material from 25 September 2023, ready for collection the following week.

If you already have a lime green lidded green waste bin, please do not start putting food in this bin until the week commencing 25 September 2023.

 Red lidded rubbish bin

Rubbish (will be changed to red lid)

  • For rubbish that can't be put in your recycling or FOGO bin.
  • Your rubbish bin lid will be changed from dark green to red.
  • This will be the same as for all rubbish bins in Victoria.
  • Rubbish bins will be collected fortnightly from 2 October 2023.
 Yellow lidded mixed recycling bin

Recycling (yellow lid)

  • For paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, aluminium, steel and plastic material.
  • Your existing recycling bin will stay the same.
  • Fortnightly collection stays the same.