Person putting rubbish in the bin outside their home

Key dates for waste changes

When What's happening


2 October 2023


FOGO goes live!

From 2 October 2023:

  • Place your lime green lidded FOGO bin out for collection each week on your nominated day.
  • Place your rubbish bin out for fortnightly collection, on alternating weeks to your recycling bin.  


 Person sorting waste into the three bins outside their home on the side of the road.  

25 September 2023


Start filling your new FOGO bin with food and garden waste in preparation for the collection week beginning 2 October 2023.


 Lime green lidded FOGO bin

4 September - 29 September 2023

Delivery of kitchen caddies, compostable kitchen caddy liners, sticker to apply to the lid of your green waste bin, and an information pack to properties with a current green waste bin.

  • Kitchen caddy delivery will be near your letterbox.
  • Delivery will be completed by 29 September 2023.
 Caddy final artwork_12-09-23.png

14 August - 1 September 2023



Delivery of FOGO bins and kitchen caddies to properties without a green waste bin.

Deliveries will include:

  • A lime green lidded FOGO bin
  • A kitchen caddy
  • Compostable kitchen caddy liners
  • An information pack.


 kitchen caddy and Fogo bin


July - August 2023


We'll send you a letter explaining the changes to your waste and recycling services.

Your green rubbish bin lids will be changed to red lids. 

Please note: If your green lid has not yet been changed to red don’t worry, 65,000 bins is a wheelie lot to change.

We've got a process in place to make sure all lids continue to be changed.

There's no need to call, please continue to leave your bin out on your collection day.


 green bin lid will be changed to red

 June 2023

We'll send you a flyer with information about the lid change and what to do.