Why is the rubbish collection changing to fortnightly?

Recent studies into the waste produced by households in Yarra Ranges shows that more than half of the average household rubbish bin contents is made up of materials that can be recycled or composted.  

When those materials are correctly placed in recycling bins and FOGO bins for composting, there is often much less waste left that needs to go to landfill.

Several other councils that have been using a weekly FOGO and fortnightly rubbish collection combination have had significantly less waste being sent to landfill. Reducing our waste sent to landfill is important to protect our environment, reduce climate change and pollution.

Separating our waste allows us to get the most from our resources. 

Larger households or those producing extra waste that cannot be avoided e.g., nappies or medical waste, can choose to order an additional rubbish bin. Additional fees will apply.