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With our landfill sites filling up quickly, we all need to make changes to the way we view and use landfill.

Tips to reduce the amount of landfill waste your household is creating include:

  • Make sure all your food waste is put in your FOGO bin, not in the rubbish bin.
  • Reduce the number of rubbish bins in the house (e.g., remove bins from bedrooms and bathrooms). This makes it easier for everyone to see exactly how much waste is building up and encourages them to separate out the recyclables.
  • Think before putting items into a bin:

Soft plastics:

  • Collect soft plastics in a small bag, like a bread bag.
  • When separated, soft plastics can be easily squashed, and a lot can be squeezed into a small bag.
  • Being very light, a large amount compressed into a small bag will not result in a heavy bin.
  • If the rubbish bin is full, soft plastics can be kept out and stored until your next rubbish collection.


Clean household polystyrene can be recycled for free at:

  • Foamex - 31-33 Gatwick Road, Bayswater North 3153
  • Monash recycling and Waste Centre 380 Ferntree Gully Rd, Notting Hill, 3168


  • Think about ways that you can reduce rubbish ongoing:
    • Buying in bulk
    • Refusing packaging when purchasing items
    • Looking for alternative recycling options – e.g., returning clothing for recycling to stores that accept textiles for recycling.   
    • Can your packaging be returned to store or left at the store?
    • Reusing products and purchasing reusable products instead of single use products.
    • Can it be repaired or refurbished?



If you are concerned about odour building up in your rubbish bin, we recommend:

  • making sure all of your food waste is put in your FOGO bin, not in the rubbish bin.
  • smelly waste, such as nappies, pet poo and kitty litter, be tightly sealed before disposal.
  • store your bins in the shade where possible.
  • lining your rubbish bin with a large bin liner and tie that up if you notice your bins getting smelly.
  • sprinkling some baking soda into the empty bin to absorb any residual odour.

If you have pets, it's worth considering installing a pet waste composting system at home. Home composting rebates of up to $40 are available from Council when you purchase an eligible composting system. You can apply for the home composting rebate on our Council website.



If you find that your household is producing more landfill waste than can be managed with the one rubbish bin being collected per fortnight, our tips on 'how can I reduce my waste?' may help.

Order an additional bin 

You can also order an additional 120 litre rubbish bin to assist you with your waste management. The 2023/2024 cost for an additional rubbish bin for a full year is $168.

If you find over time your waste disposal needs reduce, you can cancel the service and we’ll pick up the additional bin from your property. This may be useful for families with young children in nappies who may need an extra bin for a short time.

Once ordered, the additional bin would be delivered to your property within 3-5 business days.

Please note: A charge for an additional bin covers the cost of providing the additional bin and regular collection. If you order an additional bin and cancel it within the same financial year, the full year cost will be applied to the property to account for the cost of supply, delivery and collection of the bin/s associated with the service.

Alternative waste disposal options

  • Cleanaway, 80 Wellington Rd, Lysterfield are able to accept general household waste (minimum charge is $120).
  • Waste Transfer Stations



The process of changing rubbish bin lids to red started in Yarra Ranges in July 2023 and is now 85% complete (at end February 2024).

The rubbish truck drivers will continue to change the lids throughout 2024.

We understand that some households are worried that their bin lid is still green. There is no cause for concern as your rubbish bin will be emptied, even if your lid is still green.

If by February 2025 you find that your lid still hasn’t been changed, please give us a call on 1300 368 333 to follow up.





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