Why have we introduced a FOGO collection?

All Councils must start a FOGO collection service before 2030 as part of the Victorian State Government's Circular Economy Policy.

This new collection is for all properties, including businesses and community organisations, that use our waste and recycling services.

Adding your food scraps to your new lime green lidded FOGO bin will allow us to:

  • Turn food scraps into nutrient-rich compost for gardens and farms.
  • Stop food going to landfill, reducing our impact on the environment.
  • Free up space in your garbage bin.

What happens to my food and garden organics?

The contents of your FOGO bin are taken to a composting facility and processed to create nutrient rich compost to help improve soils on farms and gardens.

Today's food and garden waste will help grow tomorrow’s fruit and vegetables. 

How will this help?

Breakdown of waste in average Yarra Ranges bins

Up to 45% of the material in a typical Yarra Ranges household rubbish bin is food waste.

If we put all our food scraps in the FOGO bin, instead of the rubbish bin, we'll save 13,500 tonnes of food waste going to landfill every year.

This will significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

Watch our Webinars to learn more about Councils three bin waste services: