April 2020

By Catherine Hill

Sore throat, coughing, out of breath and no smell nose,

This COVD19 is keeping us well on our toes.

Don’t mix with family, no friends allowed,

When walking at a distance a cheery hello astounds.

From people pushing prams, walking dogs, all manner of dress code,

This is surely an event the eye doth behold.

But with months of isolation and the whole world the same,

We must get a sense of unity, which hopefully will prove some gain.

The trip to the supermarket at 7am was quite an event,

No pushing and shoving or fights in the aisles,

Just a lot of old fogies searching for toilet paper, unless they had Piles!!

My husband made it safely to the back door

Where he stripped off his clothes, disinfected, OH, could there be more!

‘Oh no” he said, when I gazed from a distance

Don’t get you’re hopes up, I must build up my resistance!

And so we go on following the rules,

Caring for each other and not behaving like fools

One day it will end, sadly many losses along the way,

Hopefully we have learned from this tragedy that as the saying goes -------- JUST SEIZE THE DAY!