Put out your poetry

A child wearing a face mask stands in a rubbish bin with a haiku sticker on it

Rubbish trucks bearing haikus have been rolling out around the Yarra Ranges as part of the next exciting chapter of the Still Life project, #putoutyourpoetry.

For community members who submit a poem, we will print your poem on a bright pink sticker for you to stick onto your rubbish bin, matching the rubbish trucks that service the municipality. When you put your bins out, you’ll be putting out your poetry too. Imagine a whole street of rubbish bins with bright pink poems on their sides! This is a safe and creative way for community members to share their unique experience of COVID. To get your own sticker, fill out your address in the submission form below and we will send it to you.

Put your poetic pants on and submit now.

Create your own haiku 

Have you ever tried haiku? When you put out your poetry, give this elegant form of unrhymed Japanese poetry, consisting of three lines, a try. Create your own haiku to share your experience during COVID-19 – from moments of stillness to fleeting observations. You can choose to receive a sticker of your haiku to stick on your rubbish bin, plus all submissions will be published on our Online Gallery.

Lia Hills, a writer living and working in the Yarra Ranges, has produced an instructional video about how to capture your experience of this time through haiku. Watch the video below to find out how to write your own wonderful poem.

View the Haiku Gallery

How to submit

  1. View the video above & view the worksheet(PDF, 191KB)
  2. Spend some time writing your haiku
  3. Use the link below to submit
  4. You can submit more than once
  5. To receive your #putoutyourpoetry bin sticker, fill out your address in the submission form

Lucky dip

Love the idea of having poetry on a bin sticker but don’t feel confident writing your own? We would be happy to send you a 'lucky dip' poem on a bin sticker, from a selection written by talented Yarra Ranges writers, Lia Hills and Cameron Semmens.

To receive a lucky dip poem, click the 'submit your poetry' button below and fill out your name and address. At the bottom of the form, select 'receive lucky dip poem'.

Due to service delays with Australia Post, we are able to offer the quicker and easier option of collecting from your local library. This will also ensure your sticker arrives in perfect condition. To use this option, select 'collect from local library' on your submission form.

Submit your poetry