Music and movement


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New Normal – an original composition by musician Edward Willoughby

'During lockdown, my worlds collided, with my creative space and my work-from-home space existing side by side, after some creative rearranging. This video depicts the two worlds neatly overlapping, with my desk tucked in a little nook behind the piano. From here I shared some of my music with my team at Yarra Ranges during Zoom meetings, finding ways to be creative and productive.'


Getting creative to make the kids exercise fun – a video by Leah Burgess

'Ella (aged 5) and Ed (aged 3) enjoying their new exercise. No soccer, gymnastics or swimming so have to keep finding ways to make it interesting!' – Leah Burgess


Jacinta Birchall teaching a dance class about joy, fitness and community – a video by Santha Press

'Nia class is about joy, fitness and community. I have been dancing with these women for many years, so it was extra special to see everyone for the first time and to dance outdoors – very special! We are usually indoors for classes.' – Jacinta Birchall


Untitled Song – a video by Tali Holman

'This song is written about those feelings of loneliness and isolation during the lockdown. It’s ultimately a time of restlessness and yet self-reflection.' Tali, singing and playing on the guitar with younger sister Jayda accompanying with vocals.

'Two Of Us' – a video by Catherine Nolan

We rewrote the words of the Beatle's song Two of Us to reflect how we were feeling in lockdown; isolated from others but together at home, playing music and singing. We wore purple to celebrate and support members of the LGBTQIA+ Community.