Apply for an Electoral Signage Permit

You need an Electoral Signage Permit if you want to place an election sign on a road reserve or Council land. Apply via the method listed below.




Step 1.Review our permit conditions

A permit is not required for any authorised sign which is placed out on the day of the election for the sole purpose of advertising the location of a voting centre.

Boards must be drafted and printed in a professional manner to the satisfaction of Council. 

Boards are limited to 1.8m in height and 1.4m in width.

Boards must not be attached or affixed in any way to a:

  • tree or power pole
  • VicRoads sign or roadside service sign.
  • Council fixture, asset or anything that is under the management of Council.

No external or internal lighting of the Board is permitted.

Boards are to be removed by the end of the day the permit expires.

Step 2.Prepare your documents

Ensure you have a current Public Liability Insurance Policy for at least $10 million.

Have a photo of the location ready to attach.

Step 3.Complete the online application

Apply online